Sunday, 1 November 2009

Fallen Souls Compilation CD out now!!!

The 'Fallen Souls' Compilation CD from Fall of Eden Records is here!

Featuring 15 bands from around the world's metal underground:

Ixpapalotl (Greece), Visions of the Night (Canada), Phlegethon (USA), The Murder Industry (Spain), Mordeth (Brazil), Cicatrix (Poland), Engorriment (Spain), Nuclear (Chile), Viral Encephalitis (Canada), Beltane (New Zealand), Mortification (Australia), Misconducters (England), M Inc. (USA), Gore Sanctum (England) and Utero Vaginal Peste (Mexico)!

M Inc. features the legendary Rick Rozz (Mantas/Death/Massacre) and is the first recorded track of his excellent band, you won't find this on any other compilation!

Order now by:

Direct from and searching 'Fallen Souls Compilation CD'

Only £8 GBP/$13 USD inc postage to anywhere in the world!

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So what are you waiting for?!

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