Saturday, 14 November 2009


Fall of Eden Records are delighted to announce that experimental act Zebulon Kosted has signed a deal for a new album to be released by Fall of Eden Records.

The album is due 2010, will be 500 copies and will not disappoint fans of Zebulon Kosted, as well as those who have just discovered the surreal world of experimental, ambient and black doom!

Zebulon Kosted Discography

RELEASES: 2000 - 2009

Tape-IO (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
Tape-Arrakis (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
Tape-Triton (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Estotiland (Limited to 150 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr- She is forever burning, She is life (Limited to 150 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Pulsar (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
Tape-Blood Album (Limited to 30 copies)SOLD OUT
Tape-D'nekeew (Limited to 50 copies)$5
Tape-Thjoviljinn vs. Visir (Limited to 32 copies)SOLD OUT
Tape-He who knows he doesn't know, KNOWS (Limited to 70 copies)$5
Tape-Conduit/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 20 copies)SOLD OUT
PRO CD-Tomhet/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Cavernous Quiet (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Issyk Kul (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Bethroned/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Hopeless/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT
Tape-Giving in to the black featureless void (Limited to 20 copies)SOLD OUT
Tape-Sargagantas/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$5
Tape-Al Qaeda/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 50 copies)SOLD OUT IN 36 HOURS!
Tape-(((o)))/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$6
PRO CD-All The Cold/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)$6
DVD-Neuschwabenland (Limited to 45 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Artektronic/Zebulon Kosted Collaboration "5"(Limited to 55 copies)$5.55
5 CDs-NOIZEBULON BOX SET (Limited to 10 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Busukyangbernanah/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$5
CDr-Live at the Zebra March 21st, 2009 (Limited to 21 copies)SOLD OUT
PRO CD-Dragons Blood - Die Nibelungen Part One (Limited to 100 copies)SOLD OUT
Tape-Norss/Tomhet/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$5
CDr-Through the fog of life (Limited to 20 copies)SOLD OUT
CDr-Terre & Neige/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 100 copies)$6
3" CD-E.A.R.S./Zebulon Kosted Split Limited to 50 copies)$5
CDr-Skirr/Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$6
Tape-Love, Immolation, Dylan Smith (Limited to 20 copies)$5
Tape-HIGH ABOVE THE HORIZON (Limited to 99 copies)$4
Tape-Blood Album Part 2 (Limited to 30 copies)$4
CDr-Arcane Asylum / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 300 copies)$11
Download-Acrybia / Zebulon Kosted Split (
Tape-Novaya Zemlya (Limited to 53 copies)$5
Tape-Zarach Baal Tharagh / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 200 copies)$5
DVD-Live at Yayos May 30th, 2009 (Limited to 100 copies)$7
Tape-Crawfish 81 / Zebulon Kosted Split (Limited to 30 copies)$5
CDr-Enlil - Live in Sumeria 9/19/09 (Limited to 100 copies)$4
3 Cassettes-THE ODESSA BOX SET (Limited to 50 copies)$13
CDr-Ten Years in Space Part 1 - Best of Zebulon Kosted METAL $8
CDr-Ten Years in Space Part 2 - Best of Zebulon Kosted EXPERIMENTAL $8

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